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The Global Challenge is a unique program, a cross cultural experience which places the participant in a separated environment designed to magnify learning and growth. The program is non-traditional, no-nonsense, intensive and personally demanding, one which targets highly motivated persons seeking to permanently rid themselves of substance dependency or those who wish to augment their image or expand self-confidence. The program fosters self-discipline and relapse/re-addiction prevention.

The Institute for Better Health, Inc. Global Challenge Experience is a minimum of six (6) months, high intensity program for approved applicants, consisting of group encounters, individual therapy, health and fitness/educational instruction, wilderness challenges, meditation, martial arts training and family values counseling. Within safe boundaries, participants experience growth in correct decision making, problem solving, cooperation, risk taking and self-understanding. Enhanced self-confidence and worth comes about through self-discipline. The program provides complete separation from drug, alcohol and tobacco usage, insisting on broadened responsibility, improvement in social skills, and orientation towards service to others. By means of a positive system of values and skills, the program helps reduce relapses of self-destructive behavior.

The development of these skills, in and of themselves, has a positive influence upon the over-all social, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth of the participant. The program is predicated on time sensitive treatment: therapy is deliberate, planned and brief. Group size is variable, ranging from single individuals, under special conditions, to a maximum of 8 candidates.  Treatment modality is using ERP (Exposure Response Prevention) to desensitize conditioned and cognitively mediated cravings through the use of simulated substances. ERP is a behavioral therapy technology that reduces a person's predisposition to respond to a set of stimuli. Each client becomes aware that relapses are the RULE and not the EXCEPTION. FIRST, in effect it becomes very limiting and often impossible to avoid all triggers without isolating someone from the world. SECOND, theoretically speaking, avoidance of stimuli does not result in the elimination of the conditioned response. Global Challenge Program endeavors to eliminate the mind-set, " once an addict, always an addict." Psychologist call this process EXPOSURE without taking action an extinction curve.

The Institute for Better Health, Inc has been in existence for over 32 years. It was established by Dr. Frank Scalercio to provide training in physical and mental skills that promote optimum individual performance. Dr. Frank Scalercio, Jr, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist/ Law Enforcement Psychologist, a Certificated Black Belt Martial Arts practitioner, a sworn peace officer, Colonel U.S. Army SMR National Guard (Ret.) and has a vast storehouse of experience in civilan and military law enforcement. Results have been exemplary. Analysis of the factors accountable for our success has generated the base philosophy behind Global Challenge. This challenge program intends to provide, not only to this community but also the world at large, an opportunity for properly matched persons to regain control of their lives.

The program, Global Challenge, offered by I.B.H.is unique. It differs significantly from any known program offering help to the drug and alcohol addicted. It is a "challenge" program demanding equal effort by the service provider and the client. It takes place in a challenging setting which includes community sevice and wilderness exposure. The program provides a small number of clients, limited to 8, specific skills in self discipline, made manifest through daily intensive training in martial arts and Eastern meditative philosophy.

We provide a cloistered, safe environment guaranteed free of access to addictive substances, daily instruction and training in the principles of addiction and the mechanisms best for countering addiction. An excellent program design and superior, dedicated personnel performing their work in a safe, insulated environment cannot hope for success without a sincerely focused client. Our years of experience helping those attempting to achieve an addiction-free life does not occur in a single step. We take small steps. We move forward and then we fall back. Clients accept setbacks as a normal part of the self change process, then we can motivate a renewal of the effort to press ahead. Picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and stepping up to the plate again and again is the KEY to SUCCESS. Success is DETERMINATION. Our staff does not ignore the fact that no one orientation has proven to be superior to all others. Interventions should be employed for their effectiveness to treat the specific problem(s), their approiateness for the client and their likelihood to achieve the desired results. We do require at least six months participation in an after-care program of the client’s choosing, including regular weekly meetings at NA/AA.

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